Bohnne Jones Helps Give Tips on How to Make Your Home Shine with Metallics

“Metal’s been rocking our world for a while now—and we don’t mean the oft-sublime guitar stylings of Black Sabbath. No, we’re talking about interior design’s most glamorous look: metallic decor.

As you probably know, metal decor is about more than just picture frames and light fixtures. For the past several years, designers have been having lots of fun with the look, adding touches of satiny silvers and rose-gold coppers to interiors, for just the right amount of luster.

But beware: Metallic decor is one of those looks that are easy to screw up. Just a hint too much can send your home overboard—into high-gloss, futuristic “Westworld” territory, or looking like a gaudy tribute to “Dynasty”-era decor. Here are seven ways you can bring taste to your home, without all the tinsel.”

“2. Don’t fear mixed metals..Gone are the days when it was considered utterly taboo to mix metals. With the infusion of brilliant golds, brushed nickels, and rich coppers into the decor scene, designers aren’t limiting themselves to just one.

Carole Marcotte, an interior designer with Form & Function in Raleigh, NC, likes stainless steel or silver mixed with brass or golden tones.

“It’s a nice change from all one color,” she notes. The coolness of silver and the warmth of brass create a balance that adds texture, glamour, and dimension to your space.

In her own home, which has a Spanish flair, Marcotte added brass to break up the all-black iron accents and lighting that had been dominating the look. Her choice was mirrored at this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, where fixtures were shown in black and gold and black and silver.

“Just because you have stainless appliances doesn’t mean you have to stick with brushed nickel or aluminum,” says Bohnne Jones, president and CEO of Decorating Den Interiors in Nashville, TN.

If you plan on selling your home soon, though, maybe think twice before going the whole hog with mixed metals. You might love the eclectic look, but many buyers don’t. Compromise by implementing mixed metals in removable spots, such as drawer pulls and towel rings, so that they can be ditched easily if needed.”

Check out Bohnne’s tips and the whole article here.

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