Fun at the 2023 Nashville Home Show

Home shows are made for people to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a home remodel, help from professionals on how to outfit your home, or maybe just to get some steps in and see what’s going on in the city, home shows are perfect to attend. From learning from the professionals in the field to meeting great people and great food, home shows are a way to get active, to learn, and to get help for things one may not be able to do by themselves.

People attend home shows for many reasons. The top five reason attend home shows are:

A suitable place for an active person. If you are busy in life with a career and/or family at home, a home show is a suitable place. One stop shopping helps any person attending a home show find all the things home related they are looking for.

Saving money. Usually, exhibitors will offer a ‘home show deal’ that will allow for savings on certain items. Be sure to watch out for home show special signs and posters.

Quality finds and services. Home show staff vets any and everybody who wants to become an exhibitor for any home show. The staff only allows the best of the best so there is no worry about whether a company is reputable.
Sometimes people need help. As mentioned before, some people may need help doing the things they do not know how to or simply don’t have the time. Whether one may need a service or just some quick advice on what to do, the home show is the perfect place to find answers.

Fun, fun, and more fun! Not only will you find some help with all things home related, one may find themselves winning a drawing for a raffle or engaging in an activity that is fun for the whole family no matter what the age. One may never be too sure who will appear at these events. Often, there are TV personalities from the many shows on HGTV and beyond who will offer great advice on various subjects, such as Patrick Richardson known for being “The Laundry Guy”. There are also great food options, wine and drink offerings, and live presentations.

All in all, if one has never been to a home show here in the Music City they are missing out on a lot of fun, learning, and new experiences. Decorating Den Interiors has been a part of the Nashville Home Show for many years now. We have a lot of fun talking with people and making complimentary appointments. We always magically turn our booth into a luxury space, filled with uplifting and inspiring products and design. We take the time to speak face to face with anyone who stops by the booth whether they just want to look at our products or want to book a complimentary appointment with the designer. Home shows are a great place to ask any necessary questions before getting started on the project and to meet with a designer prior to an appointment. So, reach out to us at Decorating Den Interiors and ask for your two complimentary tickets for the 2023 Spring Nashville Home Show. Come have fun with us and learn from “The Laundry Guy” himself on how to get those wine stains out of your favorite blouse.

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