“Chaise” Your Way into This Year’s Hottest Trend

A new interior design trend is on the rise, and it’s making a splash: comfort, comfort, comfort! What better way to add a bit of comfort into your home than with a chaise longue. Welcome to a new era of bold and beautiful.

A chaise longue is a French term that translates to “long chair”. Take a look at the following tips to get your home ready for a year of comfort.

Choosing a Type of Chaise Longue 

There are a lot of options when it comes to the type of seating for your home. Which chaise longue sparks joy in you?

Traditional Chaise Longue

A traditional chaise longue is a chair, with or without arms, for reclining. The seat is lengthened to form a complete leg rest and sometimes has an adjustable back. It is like a reclining chair but has permanent footrest.

Fainting Couch

A fainting couch is also a chaise longue, which has a high back and arm on one side that tapers off on the opposing side. It is similar to a daybed; however, daybeds are typically backless and can be used as a sofa or a bed. 

Sectional Sofa Chaise

A sectional sofa can have a chaise longue on one end, both ends, or in the middle. This is a common way that a chaise longue is used. 

There are several different styles within each of these categories and it’s your decision what works best for your home. Want a French-inspired piece? Contemporary and modern? Curved? Straight? If you’re unsure, it may be time to reach out to an interior designer for assistance. If you’re afraid to invest in a sofa with a chaise because you may move and it ends up on the wrong end, we can help by specifying a sofa that has a reversible chaise lounge. 

Where Can Your Chaise Longue Go? 

A chaise longue can go in many different areas, but some rooms may work better than others. Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

Make a Reading Nook 

What better way to spend your time than to curl up with a good book? Place a chaise longue in the corner or along a window wall in your bedroom and accompany it with a bookcase, side table and lamp, throw blanket, or any other essentials you may need. 

Switch Up Your Home Office

If you work from home, it may be time to update your space with a colorful and comfortable addition. Sitting at your desk all day can get boring and exhausting—switch up your options by adding a chaise longue. Be both productive and relaxed with this stylish setup and instill some interest into the room where you spend much of your daytime. 

Fill an Empty Space

One of the fabulous things about such a diverse product is that it can fit in a variety of spots in your home. If you have a blank space in front of your window or beside your fireplace, a stand-alone chaise longue may complete the room. On the other hand, a sectional may be the eye-catching focal point of the room. 

Get Design Assistance from Decorating Den Interiors

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