Read what our clients had to say…

“Bohnne and the team were fabulous to work with, as we had our entire kitchen remodeled, a sitting room redone, and the entire interior of our home painted. They were incredibly responsive throughout the whole process, and created spaces that we love to live in, and enjoy.”

Donna N.

“Great help in getting my new house to become a home that expresses my personality. They had an expansive amount of ideas and products to address some very difficult and unique problems associated with some of the room configurations with my home. The result of working with them was a success that everyone sees when they who come into my home. I highly recommend them as someone who can get things started and completed within a define budget and timeline.”

Michael G.

“Bohnne and the team are great to work with. They are true professionals. They took a lot of time to understand my design project, my likes and dislikes, and my budget. Before anything was ordered I was able to “see” my new room in a virtual drawing. That gave me a lot of peace of mind.”

Ann A.

“I enjoy working with Decorating Den Interiors. Eventhough they are the experts, they listen to my ideas as well and try to encorporate my “all over the place” design ideas into the space. Theres a lot I want done in my house and they didn’t pressure me to do it all at one time. We have been working on a room at a time in my house for the past 2 years. This really helps with not going overboard on the spending. Their expertise showed me how to have a room that makes sense and still have my style in it. My living room and sitting room is really beautiful, but still functional. I love the way they turned out. I always getting compliments on my curtains and barstools. They are able to find furniture that is not your traditional furniture. It really makes my furniture unique to me.”

Sheryl C.

“Bohnne Jones is very professional and knowledgeable and great for coming up with problem solving ideas. She has an awesome eye for what looks great and is very detailed. Nothing slips by her. We remodeled three bathrooms and converted our garage into a designer kitchen. I love all four rooms!”

Teresa D.

“We are repeat customers of Decorating Den, Nashville. They are so talented, professional and a pleasure to work with. My husband and I are amazed at how easy a project comes together when we turn to Decorating Den for assistance. We have searched stores and online sources for ideas, but selecting the proper scale and color is difficult for us and results in “analysis paralysis.” Bohnne and the team have saved us from ourselves on more than one occasion and have ideas we could never come up with on our own. We highly recommend their services.”

Mary M.

“I have had the pleasure of having 3 areas in my home redesigned by Bohnne Jones….a bathroom, living room and a family room.

The Bathroom was transformed with a new custom built vanity, modern designed sink, built in tub enclosure, refurbished tub, , mirrors, and wallpaper with modern design. The Living Room was rendered much more attractive and comfortable with furniture rearrangement, multiple new pillow covers, base for large glass topped dining area table, new rug, multi-purpose table-hassock, and sleek new draperies as well as large retractable shade. Multiple wall hangings were hung in a very attractive arrangement enhancing entire room.

The family room area was changed into a relaxed, comfortable space with built-in wall unit with shelves and drawers, new table lamp, and new lamp shades, new TV table to facilitate re-location of TV from a media center. Wall hangings were selected and placed in very attractive arrangements.

Bohnne Jones and staff worked diligently to get the desired results as determined per planning before project was begun, were well-organized and prepared, punctual, professional, and personable.”

Agnes C.

“I used Bohnne to help me renovate and decorate a bedroom. She were both very helpful, and worked with what I envisioned to achieve the look. It was so nice to have them offer me options, and help me make decisions It was so much easier, having their experience in this field. I will use them again, at some future date”

Sue C.

“I used Bohnne to redecorate my master bedroom. I only had a vague idea of what I wanted but Bohnne asked the right questions and was able to provide me with exactly what I envisioned. Through her expertise she was able to give me options that worked within my budget. A great experience and I highly recommend Bohnne and her staff to anyone starting a redecorating project.”

Debbie N.

“A little over six years ago, I had my living room furnished by you and everything still looks like new. When my recliner stopped working recently, you came out right away and fixed it at no charge.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate no only you taking care of the recliner after six years have passed but for the good work you did in decorating my living room in the first place. One of my favorite things you did when we first started working on this was the questionnaire you had me fill out to learn my style and what I wanted.

You decorated my living room, as well as moved a few pieces around in the other parts of my house, just as I was retiring, and it helped to make the transition to spending more time at home so enjoyable.

Thanks again for everything.”

Nancy from Brentwood